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Cyber Security and the Trusted Internet Connection
Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Willard Intercontinental Hotel,
Washington, DC

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Presentations from the seminar are available below:

http://1105govinfoevents.com/events/2009/CST09/PetersonPresentation.pdf (Understanding Cyber Security Trends and Implications for Government Enterprises)

http://1105govinfoevents.com/events/2009/CST09/KwonPresentation.pdf  (Five Pillars of Cyber Security to Protect Government Information)

http://1105govinfoevents.com/events/2009/CST09/GrahamPresentation.pdf  (Effective Trusted Internet Connection (TIC) Implementation Strategies)

http://1105govinfoevents.com/events/2009/CST09/LeePresentation.pdf  (MTIPS and the TIC Initiative)

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Most government IT and program management professionals know that the threats to their data and network operations continue to grow—but do you really know how fast and far-reaching they are in your computing environment? 

Did you know that:

  • More than 6,000 new vulnerabilities were discovered during 2008
  • SPAM represents 90% of all e-mail with more than 200 billion messages sent per day
  • Preferred attack methods today rely on network access through legitimate website and web-based applications
  • Criminal operatives are increasingly more focused on their targets and collaborate for results

As a public sector professional, you are responsible for managing enterprise security at some level.  Take advantage of this opportunity to learn how to manage information systems and protect information assets so your security measures move at the speed of crime.  How can today’s INFOSEC corps combat the magnifying threats and detect the vulnerabilities in their operations—today and tomorrow?

This intensive half-day program explored how to defend the systems and information entrusted to your government organization.  Industry and government practitioners recommended steps to scope the challenges for your computing environment, addressed the security basics, and introduced proactive strategies like the Trusted Internet Connection (TIC) initiative, to fortify your security programs.

Who Attended
CIOs, CFOs, and CISOs and their staffs, as well as senior IT and program management professionals responsible for information security, enterprise architecture, and program information.

Attendees took away critical information needed to evaluate, invest, and protect cyber security infrastructure.  Expert faculty brought proven, practical solutions for investigation and consideration.